3 Albums To Look Out For This Month

Tales From The Backseat – The Academic 


I’ve been a long-time supporter of these boys, so I am delighted their debut album will finally be released this day next week! Irish listeners will recognize ‘Bear Claws’ and ‘Permanent Vacation’ from the airwaves, fans will recognize ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends?’ and ‘Girlfriend’ from their live sets and there’s some new ones on the track-listing too – plenty to be excited about! Indie/rock/pop fans will find lots to love here.

If you like: The Coronas, Circa Waves, Coasts


Ruins – First Aid Kit 


Sweedish sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg return with their fourth album on January 19th. The sisters have released ‘It’s A Shame’, ‘Postcard’ & ‘Fireworks’ ahead of the release and if those tracks are anything to go by, it’s going to be wonderful. Pure folky goodness.

If you like: Fleet Foxes, The Staves, Angus & Julia Stone


Camila – Camila Cabello 


Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello, formerly of Fifth Harmony fame, will be releasing her first solo album on January 12th. ‘Havana’ was easily one of my favourite tracks of 2017 (and former POTUS Obama’s too..), and I’ve been humming along to recent promotional single ‘Real Friends’ for the past few weeks too. Cabello’s live vocals are fantastic, as is her dancing and on-stage presence – 2018 could be her year.

If you like: Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez


Other album releases I’ll be checking out:

  • Blue Madonna – BØRNS
  • M A N I A – Fall Out Boy
  • Wrong Creatures – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  • Primal Earth – Kimbra
  • Between Two Shores – Glen Hansard

This Week In New Music: Liam Gallagher, Gabrielle Aplin & Zak Abel

This week in new music sees the release of Liam Gallagher’s debut solo record (crazy right?!), a new EP from British songstress/fairy Gabrielle Aplin and the debut album from newcomer Zak Abel.

As You Were – Liam Gallagher (Album)

Liam Gallagher is a bit of a character ay? As expected, his promo for this album has been something to behold, with mentions of his brother (‘that cunt’) and cursing and blinding about having to make his own cup of tea  just some of the golden moments that have been doing the rounds on twitter. His rockstar attitude that suggests he sees himself as rock n roll’s saviour means this solo offering has a lot to live up to – whether it delivers or not is something music critics have been analyzing this week. General consensus seems to be, not quite no.. but all the same it’s a decent listen.


Avalon – Gabrielle Aplin (EP)

With every new release, Aplin’s style evolves. The Avalon EP is no different, embracing more synth and production than ever before. I have to admit I prefer her folkier roots on English Rain and the electric rocky feel of Light Up The Dark. In saying that, the Avalon EP is already growing on me. So far we’ve heard stripped backs versions of both Waking Up Slow and Stay, and I am excited to hear all the tracks songs in their raw form without the extra production. For me, Aplin truly shines when it’s just her and her guitar.



Only When We’re Naked – Zak Abel (Album)

This weeks, “artist you don’t know” recommendation is Zak Abel. The 21-year-old Brit has collaborated with DJ’s, electronic pop duos and the like, but finally we get to hear something that is completely his own. Only When We’re Naked is full of energy and good vibes, just like his live performances. Definitely someone to keep an eye on – you’ll be hearing him everywhere shortly!


Some more new music worth checking out this week;

Raised Under Grey Skies – JP Cooper (Album)

Spitting Image (Acoustic Demos) – The Strypes (EP)

Too Much Patience  – Little Hours (EP)

Fade – Lewis Capaldi (Single)

On My Mind (Acoustic) – Jorja Smith ft Preditah (Single)

The Tube – Ailbhe Reddy (Single)

Pray – Sam Smith (Single)

How Long – Charlie Puth (Single)

Escape My Mind – Grace WavderWaal (Single)

Out Of My Hands – Wyvern Lingo (Single)


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This Week In New Music: Otherkin, Miley Cyrus & Banks

The craziness of second year of university means it’s been a month since I’ve gotten a chance to write about the latest music releases. Despite being up to my eyeballs this weekend, I just had to do a quick update with all the bangin’ new music releases yesterday. Enjoy!


Ok – Otherkin (Album)


“Lets go,” lead singer Luke Reilly seems to say with a smirk – its seventeen seconds in to the opening track and Otherkin have already got you – and they keep you till the very end. If you haven’t heard of Dublin rockers Otherkin yet, their debut release is a brilliant place to start.  The screeching guitars and smashing drums hype up the energy to fever pitch on every singe track. ‘Feel It’ is an absolute earworm, ‘Yeah, I Know’ is pulsating and So So is a grungy  closer.  There’s some grit to these lads too, “Turn in a hit or you’re down as a throwaway [….] Become some meat for the radio” O’Reilly screams on ‘Ay Ay’. Are we looking at a bunch of Irish lads who are going to add some dirty social commentary to their arsenal? I don’t know but I am excited. If you’re looking for a gig to let you scream into the abyss and mosh in the midst of a sweaty crowd, catch them in the Button Factory (Dublin) or the Roisín Dubh (Galway) in December.

Younger Now – Miley Cyrus (Album)


Younger Now is not so much a reinvention as a return to her roots for Miley Cyrus. On her sixth studio album, Cyrus is doing what she does best – country. Sure, she had some great pop songs and no one has ever faulted her for her vocal abilities, but that country twang just comes so easily to the Tennessee native. So far, ‘Thinkin’ and ‘Inspired’ are my favourite tracks on the album, but I’ve a feeling I could easily fall in love with every single one of the eleven tracks. Younger Now is a refreshing release and Cyrus’ best yet.

Underdog – Banks (Single)


So Banks just randomly dropped a tune on Thursday? It’s a deviation in to more pop-y territory for the the Goddess singer-songwriter and is very fun (she literally barks in it). Yet, somehow it’s still sassy and sultry – that’s Banks for you.

Some more new music worth checking out this week;

  • It’s A Shame – First Aid Kit (Single)
  • My Side – Tom Speight (Single)
  • Greedy Soul – Liam Gallagher (Single)
  • That Girl – salute feat. Gabrielle Aplin
  • When Does It Get Easier – Dave Thomas Junior (Single)
  • Subterranean Homesick Blues – The Lumineers (Single)
  • Three Oh Nine – Fenne Lily (Single)
  • Tell Me You Love Me – Demi Lovato (Album)
  • Visions Of A Life – Wolf Alice (Album)

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This Week In New Music: Taylor Swift, Hudson Taylor, Picture This + more!

First off, so sorry for missing last week’s installment of This Week In New Music. I was absolutely up to my eyeballs and couldn’t find a spare second to write one up! To be honest with you, I’ve barely got a few minutes to write this one but I am so excited about all the new music released yesterday I couldn’t miss this week too. SO without further ado, This Week In New Music aka All My Favourite Artists Released Music The Same Day and I’ve So Much To Listen To It’s Almost Stressful.

Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift (Single)


Alright, two things up front. 1) I’ve been a massive Taylor Swift fan since I was like 10 and she wore cowboy boots and spoke with a Nashville twang. 2) I never like her leading singles (with the exception of Mine). That’s why, although I was so excited to hear new music from her (IT’S BEEN LIKE 3 YEARS), I was half expecting not to like it (couldn’t be worse than We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together though). After hearing it, I am torn. It’s over dramatic and childish (starting to think her team pick this shite to lead with just to cause a stir for the press tbh) but it’s also original and the pre-chorus is a bop and it’s a good track to lead with if she is indeed “rebranding.” Honestly, I adored the nice girl image Taylor had going on but in the last few years I’ve been wishing she’d come out and be a sassy bitch – looks like the media/general public has finally cracked her and it’s coming out now.  Whatever direction she’s going in, you know the music will be good. Overall I am just excited to have T Swizzle back in the game and I can not WAIT for her album. If Reputation is missing an “All Too Well” or “Dear John” like 1989 was I will actually flip though.

Feel It Again – Hudson Taylor (Single)


Moving on to other Taylor’s, my two favourite Irish brothers returned yesterday with the first taste of new music since Singing For Strangers back in Janurary ’15. Something I’ve found with Hudson Taylor (and which numerous people have mentioned to me as well), is recently the recorded sound just doesn’t match their actual sound. Generally you’re looking to see if an artist’s live standard matches up to the record, with Hudson Taylor, the live version always surpassed the recording. That’s why I got really emotional listening to this for the first time I was a bit drunk but that’s besides the point. For the first time since the early EP’s, I feel like the studio version really reflects the sound & energy Harry & Alfie give to every live performance. It might be because I have a group of friends who love their music just as much as me and are just as willing to make an absolute show of themselves at gigs all in the name of a bit of craic, but if you haven’t seen them live before you have to catch them on their tour this autumn/winter. (Just please don’t try for Dolan’s because my best friend is flying over for the weekend and if we don’t get tickets we’ll end up drinking too much wine and crying about boys at home and that’s not a good idea).

Picture This – Picture This (Album)


And finally, the worst kept secret in Ireland: Picture This. The lads from Athy have only been around for about a year and a half, but within that short space of time they’ve just blown up – it’s so deserved though. The last time I saw them was on their run of sold-out shows in the Olympia and they were brilliant with the crowd singing along to every single word.  I haven’t had a chance to listen to the album straight through yet but most of the songs are old favourites and it’s so lovely to be able to listen to studio versions. Particular highlights for me would be Dream (there’s just something so lovely about this song isn’t it?), Jane (this song is so simple and pure, gives me goosebumps) & Saviour (absolute BOP). Is there even a point in me rambling on here – let’s be real, you’ve already listened to the album yourself and loved it.

Usually, I just pick out three favourites from the week but there was so much good music released yesterday that I just HAVE to add in some bonus recommendations;

Loved Ones – Flyte (Album) – The debut album from these London lads is seriously worth checking out. I’ve a feeling it will be one of my favourites of the year, I am just absolutely in love with what these guys are doing (which seems to be mixing old styles with current indie/alt styles). Their acoustics/live versions on youtube are fantastic as well (those harmonies are just DELICIOUS). Can’t wait to see them in Dublin (whenever they get around to coming here that is!)

On My Mind (Jorja Smith X Preditah – On My Mind (Single): I just love this chick. Whenever she’s featuring on a song, I know it’s going to be good. Check it out.

Trouble – Kim Hayden: I don’t know who the guy featured on this track is but he’s AMAZING… jk it’s my friend Ben. Go add it to your August playlist (it’s actually a stunning song go on go on go on).

Alright that’s all from me this week, enjoy this beaut from Flyte and if you want to keep up to date with what I am listening to, you can follow my August spotify playlist here x

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This Week In New Music: Passenger, Nick Mulvey & Ciaran Lavery

The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Passenger (Album)


The surprise release of a new album from Passenger came after the singer-songwriter published a long post on Facebook on Tuesday evening. In the post, he reveals that his show in Dublin the previous Sunday was his last gig for “a while.” It’s an emotional post in which he reminisces on how far he’s come and thanks his fans for their support, before announcing he has a surprise for them on Friday. This surprise was an album made up of some new tracks as well as some fan favourites from his youtube videos. The opening track is aptly named ‘simple song,’ and it’s a foreshadowing of what’s to come. Yes these songs are simple, some might argue boringly so, but if you’ve a soft spot for Mike Rosenberg’s vocals & his simple but clever lyrics, there’s plenty to love on this album. Plus, not knowing when we’ll get the next installment of music from the Brit makes it all the sweeter.


Mountain To Move – Nick Mulvey (Single)


God, I love Nick Mulvey. His debut album is one of the most beautiful and relaxing albums I own, I never tire of it. My love of “First Mind” means I’ve really high expectations for his forthcoming release in September and if this track is anything to go by it won’t disappoint. It’s classic Mulvey – a gentle acoustic number that builds in to something uplifting that will warm you to your core. If anyone wants to come experience this live I am looking for a gig buddy for the 28th of September xo


Everything Is Made To Last – Ciaran Lavery (Single)


I’ll be honest, this is the first I’ve heard of Ciaran Lavery. My bad. The Northern Irish man has released ‘Everything Is Made To Last’ ahead of his third album and it’s a gorgeous track with a chorus that builds and builds in to something beautiful. It’s full of life and vitality and I can’t wait to see what his next album will bring. #SupportIrish

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This Week In New Music: Declan McKenna, Foster The People & Nothing But Thieves

What Do You Think About The Car? – Declan McKenna (Album)


Two weeks ago Declan McKenna featured on my “This Week In New Music” feature with his single Humongous, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting his debut album ever since. Luckily, I only had two weeks to wait, and it didn’t disappoint! McKenna has everything you could look for in a new artist, he’s a young artist at the start of his career with interesting lyrics and brilliant hooks. Politically charged songs like Brazil, Isombard & The Kids Don’t Want To Come Home are examples of how McKenna is much more than his catchy choruses and eye make-up, there’s grit beneath the glitter. If you’re lucky enough to have tickets to Electric Picnic make sure he’s on your timetable for the weekend.

Sacred Heart Club – Foster The People (Album)


Aside from ‘Pumped Up Kicks,’ a lot of people won’t be familiar with the music of Foster The People. This is a real shame because Pumped Up Kicks is a watered down version of the trio. On the debut album in which the massive single featured, it was accompanied by infectious tracks like Don’t Stop (Colour On The Walls) & Houdini. On their sophomore album Supermodel the energy was kicked up another notch with Are You What You Want To Be, Coming Of Age & Best Friend. With their third release Sacred Heart Clubs, the energy is still there but it’s definitely more muted.  They’ve swapped screaming summer indie-pop bangers for a more cool & collected, groovy vibe… I guess. There’s plenty of songs I love on SHC (Sit Next To Me, SHC, I Love My Friends, Lotus Eater) but it’s sad to see the band leave behind their roots because they were so good at what they were doing, while being just distinct enough from their peers to be special. Unfortunately, there’s nothing particularly special about this record, hopefully they return to what they do best on their next.

Sorry – Nothing But Thieves (Single)


After two years, the British band Nothing But Thieves have returned with “Sorry,” the first single from sophomore album Broken Machine. The bridge has a distinctive The Killers sound (the synth instrumental is a bit too much Smile Like You Mean It if we’re honest here) and is followed by the repetition of “I’ve waited for this, I am ready for it” which pretty much sums up how I am feeling about their forthcoming album.

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This Week In New Music: Oh Wonder, Coldplay & Vance Joy

Ultralife – Oh Wonder (Album)


The eagerly awaited second album from London pop-duo & couple Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West was released last Friday. To be honest with you, I haven’t been listening to it much – nothing’s gripped me. But I was the exact same with their last album, it just grew on me over time. Ultralife is very much the same as their debut, maybe a little bit more upbeat, so long-time fans of the duo will no doubt find plenty to love here.

Kaleidoscope – Coldplay (EP)


For those of you who find yourself saying “I preferred Coldplay’s older stuff” this EP might be just what you were looking for. All I Can Think About Is You, Aliens & Hypnotized have serious Parachutes/X&Y era vibes. Miracles (Something Special) is catchy & the live version of Something Just Like This has massive feel good factor, especially if you were lucky enough to catch them on tour. The EP is a perfect example of a band returning to their roots while embracing the new.

Lay It On Me – Vance Joy (Single)


After three long years, Vance Joy of “Riptide” fame is back! The leading single off Joy’s forthcoming second album has got a gorgeous rousing chorus that has the Australian begging someone to “lay it all on me now.” Perfect for radio play and festival crowds, I can’t wait to see what else Vance Joy has up his sleeve with his new album expected to be released later this year.